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Learn how to get the most of  this natural penis enlargement method. It’ll put you on the fast track to increasing the size of your penis 2-3 inches.

You may have seen your fair share of trashy penis enlargement products. You may even be unlucky enough, as I was, to have used a few of them, waste your money or even hurt yourself in the process (happens a lot with cheap products). I tried traditional penis pumps, generic/cheaper extenders and weights (never do weights, you will damage your penis and it takes a long time to heal). I was prepared to resign to my fate of having a less than respectable sized penis when I came across the SG system. Their method  and solid approach to penis

I was prepared to resign to my fate of having a less than respectable sized penis when I came across the SG system. Their method  and solid approach to penis enlargement deliver impressive results. This natural enlargement method added inches to the size of my manhood and I am going to teach you how you can do the same with two simple steps in this article.

Step 1: Stimulate natural growth:

The reason that the pumps, weights, and  most generic or inferior extenders never worked for me is that they ignored my body and the natural growth process. You’re not going to get anywhere by tugging on your penis as hard as you can, you’re just going to hurt yourself.

How it works:

Your body reacts to this natural method by making your penis grow, using the same blueprint that causes your muscles your to grow when properly stimulated.  When a steady and even force is properly calibrated and applied to the penis over a period of time it forces the cells in the soft tissue of the penis to divide and create more cells to compensate for the stress.  Your bodies ability to adapt is triggered by the right amount of stress.  Your body sees it as a necessary adaptation, you just see your penis getting bigger. Everyone wins.

Here’s a quick demo:

MaleExtraStep 2: Increase blood flow:

The biochemicals are carried throughout your body via the blood. It is essential that there is blood being pumped into your penis, but the problem is that your body has shut down those channels that deliver the biochemicals to your penis after puberty. This can be easily solved by doing a simple set of exercises that will open these channels up again and ensure that that the biochemicals hit their target area in the penis. Once this happens your penis will start to grow at an accelerated rate and the best part is no you are in control of the results. You’ll get these specialized exercises with the full system.

You may also achieve proper blood flow stimulation with the use of Male Extra (see here).

 The added benefit of using Male Extra:

  • Added blood flow is instant.
  • Makes your penis appear larger.
  • Appears fuller when flaccid.
  • Harder erections when aroused.

Get BIGGER naturally

Getting a bigger penis has never been easier and if you want to add 2 to 3 inches to the size of your penis all you have to do is follow the same natural enlargement program that made my penis grow 4 inches. If you want to get bigger you need to follow the two-steps to natural size. Don’t waste your time with anything else + get BIGGER naturally

To make this more affordable from time to time SG will offer some discounts. When they do we like to put them below to help you save some money and get started with your goals sooner rather than later. Below is the regular price of the system so you know going in.


Sizegenetics Discount Coupon

Sizegenetics Price:

When you buy Sizegenetics, the cheapest that you could get it for is around $199.95. This Sizegenetics price is for the device only without any of its accessories, but I’d advise you to get the full package, it’s well worth it. The total cost of the full system is just under $500 BEFORE using coupons and discount codes.  With discounts and coupons you’ll get $160 off and around $140 worth of free accessories.  In total when you buy the system here we’ll save you $300, which is pretty sweet.

Sizegenetics Discount Code

Now that you have decided on getting yourself the best penis enlargement device available in the industry, you’ll want to save some money… who wouldn’t want to save money.  Buying the Sizegenetics extender isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a fraction of the cost of surgery, especially with our Sizegenetics discount.

Think of it this way: Would you pay $100 to add 1 inch of length and girth to your manhood? What man wouldn’t?  So you get 3 inches for $300.  That’s awesome.

 Sizegenetics Special Offer:

Sizegenetics Discount Code

We have a special offer set through SG to get you an instant $100 off just for clicking below.  Additionally, use our coupon code: FRA30 at checkout to get another $40 off the price. You’ll get free shipping so you’re saving another $20-$50.

In total you’re getting:

  1. The full (Ultimate) System which is $498.95 – the instant savings  of $100 and $40 coupon = $358.95
  2. The $140 dollars of accessories and bonuses.
  3. Total savings of $300 with free shipping, which brings the total cost down to $198.95.
  4. Total 100% Money-Back 90 Day Guarantee.

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Sizegenetics for Free

Try the SG system risk-free and if you love it (you will) send them your testimonial and you’ll get the device for free. How cool is that? Find out more about the offer here.  

In short:

  1. If you’ve ever been ripped off by a cheap product and use SizeGenetics to meet you PE goals, document your journey and write a testimonial.
  2. It’s a great situation as you’ll have met your goals, or be well on your way to meeting them AND you have the opportunity to help other guys in the same position while getting your device for free.
  3. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

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