SizeGenetics FAQ

SizeGenetics FAQ

For the longest time, I’ve had comments closed on my pages and as such have received a number of emails all asking similar questions. While I have no problem answering your questions via email, I thought it’d be a little easier for everyone if I made a SizeGenetics FAQ page.

This page will be updated at least once a month starting September 2016.

Note: I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice.  I may know my way around penis enlargement from experience, but that does not qualify as medical advice by any stretch. Basically, ask your doctor. For the rest, I’ll answer as best as I can.

SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many inches can I gain?

A: This is probably the most frequently asked question.  How much you gain is really up to you, your time and commitment level.  On average, most guys gain about 1.25-1.5 inches in the first 6 months of use.  It should be noted that according to the SG survey most guys do not start off by following the instructions until later, thus delaying their results.  If  you wear the extender for the prescribed amount of time you can gain up to 3 inches.  Give yourself a good 6 months to get there.

Q: Can I urinate while wearing the device?

A: I’m not sure why this one keeps coming up.  If you’ve worn the devices before, you know that you can’t… not unless you want to spray the walls and make a total mess of yourself.  The extender’s strap in your penis around the head and press down on your urethra making urination next to impossible, not to mention painful. In short, it’s highly discouraged.  Remove the device before going to the bathroom. 

Q: How many hours a day should I wear SizeGenetics?

A: There are 2 answers here. The first and easiest is: However long you are comfortable with.

The first and easiest is: However long you are comfortable with.

The second answer is little more involved.

  1. You should start off by wearing the SizeGenetics extender for 1-2 hours a day tops. Do this for the first 1-2 weeks.  Add 2 hours the next week and after that, you should be able to wear it for 8 hours + a day.
  2. Don’t overstretch or overuse it, especially in the beginning.  You can tell both by how your penis feels the next day, the strength of your erections and the comfort level while you’re strapped in.
  3. Pro tip: make sure you take the extender off every 2 hours and give your penis a good shake to make sure the blood is flowing and to keep circulation up.
  4.  It takes about 1000 hours in the device to gain an inch.

Q: How much of a stretch should I feel when using the Extender?

A: As a rule, I follow this guideline:  Stretch your flaccid penis out and set the rods of the SizeGenetics device to that length.  Once you’re strapped in increase the tension to about half of an inch past your flaccid stretch.  That should give it a good amount of tension without overdoing it.  If you feel like it’s a little too much, simply reduce it to .35, or .25 of an inch and work your way up.

Q: My penis head gets red and purple or get really cold to the touch, is that normal?

A: If your penis head gets numb, really cold (some is normal as it’s strapped into the extender), dark red or purple, it means the blood is cut off and you’ve lost or are losing circulation which is not a good thing.  That’s why you need to take it out every 2 hours and give a dozen good shakes. Make sure your circulation is properly maintained and don’t let get dark red or too cold.

For more information on the system and my personal before and after SizeGenetics review, click the link.

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