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what is the average penis width

Get a thicker penis, go from This to That in a couple months:

achieve a thicker penis

The average penis size in width is approximately 5 inches.  The ideal penis width (aka girth of penis) is 6 to 71/2 inches. Having a thicker wider penis not only make you look 10 times more hung the average guy but it has been proven to be the key in sexual stimulation for women.

Increasing circumference and Achieving a thicker penis  used to be close to impossible, save for complicated and costly medical procedures.  Now there is a finally a way to get a dramatically wider penis that is doctor/medical board and CE certified no scams. More information is available here.

Here’s how it works:

The erectile tissue that holds blood during erections called the Copora Cavernosa is essentially what determines how thick your organ is going to be both hard and flaccid.  The more cells that can hold blood the thicker and longer your penis will be.

how to make my penis thickerThis is where the SG device comes in:  Like working out, as you put your muscle to work, the cells that make the muscle tissue divide and as a result the muscle grows.  This same principal applies to the penis.  With this medically approved device the cells quickly begin to multiply thus widening the Corora Cavernosa and the rest of the penis.  With a couple weeks you can expect to see gains of anywhere from .15 of an inch to a quarter of an inch.  For more information see our video here.

Personal results (above): within the first 2 week I had achieved ¼ of an inch.  It has also corrected my penis curvature.   Getting a thicker penis is impossible unless you use this,  I know,  I’ve literary tried almost everything short of surgery.

This is how to make your penis thicker.  Simple as that,  here is some more proof here.  And if you’ve been burned in the past, don’t sweat it,  there is a legally binding six month money back guarantee on the extender from Size Gentics; so you don’t have to worry about losing anything and you can just get a massive thicker penis NOW.

Does penis size really matter?  Find out what the normal penis size and average erect penis size is. Learn how to enlarge a penis and ask yourself: Do you measure up?


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